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5 Ways to Help Encourage Your Family Get a Hearing Test
If you have a family member dealing with hearing problems, there are several ways you can encourage them to get their hearing tested to determine the main cause.
Treatment Options for Mixed Hearing Loss
The good news is, if you have mixed hearing loss, there are various treatment options available, as we have outlined below.
Acoustic Neuroma: What is it?
For many with acoustic neuroma, a standard analog hearing aid can be enough to boost sounds and allow them to reconnect with the world around them.
Can Sleeping Pills Contribute to Hearing Loss?
Constantly asking people to repeat themselves, struggling to hear music or television regardless of how high the volume is, and a constant ringing in your ears all reduce your quality of life.
Hidden Hearing Loss: What Is It?
here are many different types of hearing loss, including conductive, sensorineural, mixed, and auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.
Can Long Exposure to Radiation Cause Hearing Loss?
Radiation treatment has become increasingly popular for treating neck and head tumors, and most of the radiation may reach the auditory system.